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Welcome to Suneeta Cosmetics

We are small family business who hand-make and sell completely natural, fresh, vegan and chemical-free skincare products.

My recipes are based on the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, renowned for enhancing well-being, with my own original twist, to make wholesome natural skincare products.

Much love, Suneeta xx

Zero Waste

Completely plastic-free and eco-friendly products, either unpackaged or with biodegradable packaging




What do scrubs do?

Scrubs provide a deeper clean than your regular once or twice daily cleansing routine, to help dislodge any pollution, product residue, sebum, actual dirt and such that gets stuck deep into pores. They can be used all over face and body, and can be targeted toward various skin issues. Scrubs can also smooth any rough or dry skin, leaving your skin soft and supple.

High street scrubs usually contain a manual exfoliating agent such as micro-beads (now thankfully banned in the UK) which are made of plastic and don't biodegrade, endangering marine life. However, as a company that prides itself on pure and natural ingredients, Suneeta uses ingredients like organic caster sugar, Himalayan salt, walnut shell powder, jojoba beads and many more natural ingredients, which give you the same great results, while also adding their own antioxidant properties . Our scrubs also contain a blend of moisturising oils, essential oils and clays to heal and purify.


Get Started Kits

Get Started Kits

What is a Get Started Kit?

Find our Get Started Kits Here - 10% off for a limited time only

Do you have trouble working out which products are best for you, and what order to use them in? Our Get Started Kits each include a selection of sample sizes of tailored skincare products for your skin type. 
This is a great way to make the transition to a completely natural, chemical-free skincare routine!

We have twenty-six Get Started Kits to choose from - so there is sure to be something for everyone!

We’ll summarise some possible different skin types below, so you can choose the perfect kit for you.

His  Kit   |       Her Kit

Dry skin lacks moisture and can often be more troublesome in the colder months...

DIY: Soap Nuts Recipes

DIY: Soap Nuts Recipes

How do soap nuts work?

The fruits themselves are collected and sun-dried to become quite firm and brittle. Afterward the inner pit is shucked from their outer shells, because the shell is the part which holds the soap. When mixed with water, the nuts produce a foamy liquid, known as saponin, which is a natural soap. Saponin leaves your skin, hair or clothes squeaky clean, just like any other cleanser, but are completely biodegradable, eco-friendly and zero waste!

They can be placed in a cotton bag and put into the drum of your washing machine, or boiled to create shampoos and washes, and best of all - they can be reused up to FOUR times!

Oliver's Soap Nuts Recipes

I personally use soap nuts for laundry, surface cleaning and even as a hair and body wash! They are naturally mild and hypoallergenic, so therefore kinder to eczema-prone skin and those that suffer with dermatitis/psoriasis...

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