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Welcome to Suneeta Cosmetics London!

This is our small family business, for which I hand-make all of our completely natural, fresh, vegan and chemical-free skincare products.

Our recipes are based on the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, renowned for enhancing well-being, with my own original twist, to make wholesome natural skincare products.

Much love, Suneeta xx


Our handmade skincare is all 100% vegan and cruelty free, made using nothing but natural ingredients from Mother Nature! 

Better for you, your family and the environment. 

Zero Waste

Take a look at our completely plastic-free and eco-friendly products, either unpackaged or with biodegradable packaging


Four Surprising Hydrating Skincare Items

Four Surprising Hydrating Skincare Items

Face scrubs are used to remove dry and dead skin cells, to reveal healthier skin underneath. We don’t think of them as hydrating, in fact usually you would moisturise after exfoliating because scrubs can often make you feel a bit dry.

This Aloe and Jojoba Scrub, however, will make your skin feel so moisturised and soft, thanks to its carefully chosen natural ingredients, that you won’t even need to use moisturiser afterwards!

Aloe Vera is beautifully skin softening, and will keep you hydrated all day. Vegetable glycerin pulls moisture to your skin, plumping and hydrating. Fuller’s Earth clay removes toxins and impurities, without stripping your skin of moisture. Jojoba beads gently buff away dead skin cells and dry skin, allowing the moisture ingredients of this scrub to better penetrate the skin. Sandalwood Oil is slightly astringent and tightens open pores...

Autumn Skincare: Night Cream with Frankincense and Lavender

Autumn Skincare: Night Cream with Frankincense and Lavender

Beauty sleep is no myth!

However, using a soothing, moisture-rich cream at night is a brilliant natural way to fight these nasty effects. 

Did you know that while you sleep, your skin is hard at work repairing damage made throughout the day by environmental aggressors such as harsh winds, sun exposure and cold, dry air. 

During the colder months it is always recommended to take a little extra care at night to help the healing process along, and using a night cream is a brilliantly effective and easy way of doing this. 

Shea Butter - Extracted from the Shea nut and traditionally gathered by women in Africa, shea butter is a healing, wonderfully moisturising skin food rich in vitamins A and E; a real superfood for all skin types...

Natural Deodorants: a safe alternative

Natural Deodorants: a safe alternative

Did you know that 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream?


The skin is not an impenetrable barrier, which is why some medication can be delivered through patches and gels. In fact, the skin is the body’s largest organ - so it’s paramount that we take care of what we put on it!

Not only are many chemicals in cosmetics small enough to be absorbed by the skin, some are designed to penetrate quickly and easily, like nanoparticles and ‘penetration enhancers’ found in many deodorants.

Shockingly, these penetration enhancers found in...


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