Rosy Cleansing powder

Rosy Cleansing powder

Suitable for all skin types and to be used 2-3 times per week. Extremely versatile and a fabulous way to naturally cleanse as the rosy cleansing powder can be used as a cleanser, scrub and mask in 1 product!! To use, simply take a big pinch (approximately 1tsp) in the palm of your hand, add water/toner to make a paste and apply to the skin in circular movements. At this point you can exfoliate and rinse off or leave it on for a few minutes (while brushing your teeth perhaps) and then scrub, rinse off and hey presto....... beautiful smooth and clean skin ready for toner and moisturising.  Containing beautifying crushed rose petals which are great for reducing blemishes, rejuvenating, toning and smoothing the skin, as well as crushed adzuki beans for slight exfoliation. TOP TIP: mix 4tsp of rosy cleansing powder in a bowl with water to form a paste and use as a body scrub

Not recommended for use during pregnancy.


Suitable for Vegans.

Ingredients: Red adzuki beans, Rosa centifolia (rose) petals.