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Charcoal and Peppermint African Black Soap
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  • Throughout the day, toxins settle in your pores. Purifying charcoal pulls this dirt out of your pores and thoroughly detoxifies the skin and hair
  • Invigorating peppermint oil is anti-bacterial and thoroughly cleanses the skin and hair
  • Exfoliating and cooling peppermint leaves help slough off dead, dull skin cells
  • This soap contains pure African Black Soap, which is naturally made from ash, tamarind and plantain peel, and has long been used to heal problem skin


These soaps are all lovingly made by hand using a natural coconut and olive oil soap base, to which I add botanicals, oils and other amazing natural ingredients to give them their unique colours and properties. They lather through a mix of sugar and coconut oil, and unlike synthetic soaps, they are completely biodegradable.  

All Soaps are made from natural ingredients and are free from:

Propylene Glycol
Synthetic fragrance

100% Vegan.
Ingredients: Glycerin, aqua, shea butter,  sodium stearate (salt derived from the acids in shea butter)