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Suneeta's Facial Mists: Harness the power of plant water


ALL skin types can benefit from a facial mist, especially dehydrated skin. (See our previous blog post to find out if you have dehydrated skin).

They offer a light layer of hydration which is gladly soaked up by the skin almost immediately.

How do I use my face mist?

Face mists can be used as ultra-hydrating toners, to be spritzed onto the skin after cleansing and before moisturising. It has been proven that using a face mist before moisturising significantly increases the effectiveness of your moisturiser!

You can also use your face mist as a make up setting spray, not only do they make your make-up last 50% longer, they also remove that "cakey" look, providing you instead with a wonderful dewy glow

Another of our favourite ways to use a face mist is simply throughout the day as a refreshing pick me up! They are perfect as a  refreshing anti-pollution spritz, perfect as we head into the summer months.

Or, spritz your mist lightly over your hair for extra strength and shine!

TOP TIP: Try keeping your facial mist in the fridge to be used a cooling spritz in warmer weather!

How do I use my mist?

Hold spray half an arm’s length from face and spray once or twice. Pat in excess if needed.

What is it made from?

40 % GLYCERIN - Made from vegetable oils. Glycerin is a FANTASTIC moisturiser as it pulls water to your skin from the air, leaving your skin instantly hydrated, plumped and baby soft

60 % NATURAL FLOWER WATERS - Our SEVEN facial mists are all made with delicately fragrant hydrosols that are lovingly made through steam distillation of plants and woods. Real, natural hydrosols contain even more of plants' benefits than pure essential oils

No preservatives or nasty additives! Just wonderful, natural goodness!



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